Walter Hirsch

Walter Hirsch (19352012) immigrated to Sweden from St Petersburg at an early age and started out as a student of photography in iconic Christer Strömholm’s school for photography. He is one of Sweden’s  most prominent  photographers but Hirsch has also worked with movie productions during a great part of his career. Perhaps is he most well known for his movie poster from Roy Andersson’s A Swedish love story, a movie production he also was a part of. Hirsch also worked closely with the movie director Vilgot Sjöman.

In the 1960’s he started to work with exhibitions in Sweden and internationally. He has been photographing fashion, art, different assignments and documentary projects and he often worked on commercial commissions and his own projects simultaneously. Walter’s debut came 1967 when he photographed the photo serie Midsummer. Another photo serie is London, where the whole serie were taken during fourteen hours in London and were exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm in 1968.