Terms of use

Terms of use

The terms stipulated herein shall be considered part of any agreement entered into with Link Image. Images that are supplied by Link Image could only be used after acquisition or after any written permission from Link Image has been obtained. Images that are downloaded or in other way acquired by our clients are automatically bound to Link Image’s users terms and can only be used within these conditions. By downloading a picture the user is automatically agreeing on these following terms.

Digital image delivery

It is the obligation of the ordering party to make any possible alterations to the digital image required to achieve the best print results. Link Image does not take any accountability from the client for unsatisfactory results from a digital image delivery. Link Image is only offering the image sizes that are available on our websites.

Licence & Copyright

Images can exclusively be used under the licensing agreement with Link Image. The images will remain the sole and exclusive property of Link Image and their partners, unless otherwise expressly agreed upon in writing. Images purchased by Link Image cannot be used outside the terms in the agreement. You may not use images purchased for editorial use for any commercial, promotional, advertorial, Payment

Payment must be made to Link Image within 20 days of receiving the invoice. In the event of a delay in payment, interest will be determined according to Swedish law and legislation. The licensee may not use the images until the license fee has been paid. In the event that the licensee proceeds to use the images regardless, an additional fee will be added of 10% of the licensing fee, and at a charge of not less than 5000 SEK.

If there is a reasonable cause to believe that the client has gone into liquidation or is close to bankruptcy, Link Image will not provide any images unless paid in advance. Link Image also reserves the right to refuse to deliver and/or rescind the Agreement. Furthermore, Link Image reserves the right to make these decisions at it’s own discretion.