New Art Edition website!


Link Image Art Edition are happy to announce that we got a new website! We have rearranged our site in order to highlight our individual artists and to simplify the acquisition of fine art prints and unique photo books. Please get in touch with us for private sales and estimations. You are also warmly welcome to book an appointment with us in our showroom at Götgatan 32.

New prints from Åke E:son Lindman


We are delighted to announce that we have some more marvelous photographs to introduce from Åke E:son Lindman, Sweden’s most renowned  photographer for architecture.

We have the privilege to represent Åke E:son’s Lindman and his unique gelatin silver prints. Since E:son Lindman is developing his prints himself and often elaborates with different techniques to give every print an original allure. The motives are often of iconic buildings taken all over the world, where his photographs has captured the essence of architecture in both its classical and avant-garde form.

New collection from Tuija Lindström


”The photography’s ability to evoke the past has always been a source of fascination for Tuija Lindström. Through the almost alchemical work in the darkroom, pictures appear that can be testimonies to a passage of time once has been, but also dreams and fiction.” (Dragana Vujanovic from the exhibition catalogue A Dream If Ever There Was One)

Tuija Lindström, received the price for Young Promising Artist from the Museum of Modern Art already in Stockholm in 1982, and in the 90‘s she had a professorship during a decade in photography at the University in Gothenburg. She is one of Scandinavia’s most eminent female photographers and is well known for both her portraits of the naked female body, like in the series The Girls at Bulls Pond from 1991. But she is also working with urban scenes and dreamlike landscape and animal pictures, often with a dash of surrealism, like Cotswold Park, 1984, where a Zebra is grazing in front of a British, gothic castle.