Tuija Lindström 1950–2017


Tuija Lindström, Sweden’s first female professor in Photography made a huge impact on Swedish Art Photography during her ten years at the photographic program at University of Gothenburg. She changed the subject Photography from a plain technical education to a plant school for young artist with the camera as their working tool. In her own work she pushed the limits for photography into art and got a lot of critic from primarily male photographers. Nevertheless she succeeded in place her self on the list of Sweden’s most important artists and left a irreplaceable image world behind when she left us – a glimpse into Lindström’s world. We are grateful for that and will miss her a lot.


Portrait of Tuija Lindström by Bruno Ehrs



Under veckan 24 november – 30 november 2017 visar vi en kollektion av det bästa inom svensk fotografi i ett popup-galleri på Sibyllegatan 26, Stockholm. Vi finns där på vardagar kl 1218 och lördag och söndag kl 1216. Vernissage torsdag den 23 november kl 18. Välkommen!

Julia Hetta


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